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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Why Delia's The Best

I'm a child of the Delia Smith generation, my mum swears by her and the house was always full of her books.

I've been watching her TV version of one of her books on the good food channel recently

And I just love simple her recipes are and then you can make them a bit more fancy if you like. I can't stand recipes that have ridiculous ingredients that you have to go out and buy because no normal human being stocks them in their cupboards. Anyway, if you have the good food channel on your TV then matime to check out her 'how to cook' lessons, she's great.

Lastly - another reason Delia's awesome. She was born in Woking and loves Norwich. I'm from Woking and live in Norwich! Forget the other TV chefs, Delia's withstood the test of time and chef fads.

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