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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Moving The Boyfriend's Mum

We moved out the boyfriend's mum last weekend to her new flat. That means I got to sit in the van! Hurrah! I felt tall and important. 

It was a hot day, I wore shorts, the boyfriend's mum and her boyfriend wore shorts, the boyfriend's sister wore shorts, the boyfriend wore... thick jogging bottoms... foolish. 

The boyfriend's mum has moved into a lot nicer area, the area she was in was a bit... well... we had an audience moving. Just look at them. They watched the entire move, I'm not even joking. 

I was the van unloader on the unpacking, I ran a tight ship and was very bossy. I think everyone wanted to stomp on my face afterwards but it was done in no time. Guess my family call me the slave driver for a reason, huh? 

After comparing who was the most sweaty and disgusting we all got cool drinks and lunch. 

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