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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Fire fire!

So this morning started with me setting the toaster on fire, put in my bagels and immediately saw plumes of black smoke issuing from said toaster. Turned whole thing off, took bagels out... inspected them...hmm...? Put the toaster on with nothing in it to test it, still smoking, looked inside and saw a small piece of very blackened bread and before I could turn it off again the whole thing caught light! Massive flash, tripped the circuits and my bagels were very much bread. But oh well. 

I haven't posted much lately because... well I haven't been up to many interesting things. My placement ended and I got a really good mark which I was really pleased with. I handed in a big assignment which I'm glad to have off my plate and it's now being marked. 

So now it's back to classes and I found out my next placement which is in the community. What else have I been up to... Oh we went to Delia Smiths for Valentines Day (that seem's like ages ago!), it was really nice. 

I learnt how to do a fishtail braid. 

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