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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Lion King & The Natural History Museum

Yesterday the boyfriend and I decided to go out for the day and took a trip to London. We started at the Natural History Museum. 

I always think the building looks so great, and free admission too. 

So we had a wander around but it was pretty busy. 

There was a queue for the dinosaurs but most of the rest of the museum you could get round OK.

Some of the displays were massive, we hoped they'd have a T-Rex though and they only had a head of one so the boyfriend was disappointed. 

But all in all, lots and lots of dead animals. It made me think I might have my beloved cat stuffed so I don't miss him. 

Then it was time for hot dogs and milkshakes. 

Then the Lion King.

I was feeling excited waiting. 

And checking out the African drum boxes.

When Pretty Woman showed up, check out the thigh high shiny boots... classy! And then me and the women of the couples sitting either side of us got the giggles and we all had to get a photo. Luckily pretty woman minced up and down the stairs fairly regularly so we were all kept amused. 

The view was pretty good though, I managed to get a couple of sneaky photos in, like the Sistine Chapel all over again!

The costumes were really good though and the stage was really versatile. Definitely glad we went, the show started at 2.30pm and it didn't end til just past 5pm so I was glad we didn't go to the 7.30pm showing, we would have never gotten home!

Then it was a quick look at Embankment all lit up and home - phew!

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