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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Duxford - Imperial War Museum

The boyfriend and I decided we'd rather like a trip out the other weekend and so we took the boyfriend's nephew to Duxford, the Imperial War Museum. 

It was fab, I hadn't been since I was a child (and I have to say I'm not as big on planes and cars and boats as the boys are but it was great!).

There was a lot of history but also fun stuff you could touch like different guns and uniforms for kids to try on etc. 

All different sections to go to. The boyfriend's nephew liked any section where there was a gun to pretend to shoot (when I asked who he was pretending to shoot he said Hitler... so I said fair enough..?). 

A lot of attention to detail - not quite sure where they managed to purchase dead cow models from but there we are. 

And luckily the weather held out for us. They had small aircraft flying round which we all enjoyed watching, you could go for a ride in them but the prices were VERRRY expensive so we decided to pass that up.

I particularly enjoyed a small American display about the servicemen that came over from the states as my grandfather did and it had all their uniforms and rations, bomber jackets etc. I think they were rather popular with the English girls because they could get hold of silk stockings which the poor English chaps couldn't. 

I also found a bargain in the gift shop!

A collection of recipes the government issued to people during the second world war for rations which I found interesting to read (and of course you could make the recipes). 

Then it was back home to construct a harrier and a helicopter from wood - also from the gift shop (see the numbered parts below on the sheet of paper? Those were the instructions!) with the boyfriend's nephew which involved much swearing and super glue and absolutely no help from the boyfriend! But like the ladies on the home front in WW2 I got the work done without the help of men haha. 

Also, children get in free - a good trip out for those with lots of them! The boyfriend's nephew loved it and declared proudly that he also loved war which made me chuckle.

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