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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Plague Inc. App

 My iPhone is in the land of the living again (hurrah!), and to celebrate I bought myself a new app, Plague Inc. 

It's a game where you play a plague (of your choice) and have to destroy humanity... you know, as you do. 

First off you select a difficulty, I obviously play in casual mode because I'm useless. 

You then pick what sort of plague you wish to be...

You pick a country to infect.

And then you start getting DNA points, the better your plague is the more points you get. With these points you can develop your plague like how it's transmitted. 

Or the gruesome symptoms...

Resistance to cures...

And then it's a race against the time it takes the world to build a cure and this... 

It's very addictive (and a bit messed up?), cost me all of 69p but then you either have to earn the extra diseases by completing so many levels in normal or buy them. What a chore. 

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